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Masonite Filemanager



  • Manager Server Files (Currently only supports local files)
  • Upload Files
  • Preview Files
  • Rename Files/Folders
  • Delete Files/Folders
  • Download Files
  • Move Files
  • Search Files
  • Protect Routes
  • Image Editing
  • Third Party Driver Support (S3, DigitalOcean Space, etc)
  • File Picker (Form)


pip install masonite-filemanager


Add FileManagerProvider to your project in config/

# config/
# ...
from filemanager.providers import FileManagerProvider

# ...
    # ...
    # Third Party Providers
    # ...

Then you can publish the package resources (if needed) by doing:

python craft package:publish filemanager

Finally add following to STATICFILES section in config/

# config/

    # ...
    # FileManager resources
    'resources/vendor/filemanager': 'filemanager-assets/',
    "storage/framework/filesystem/filemanager": "filemanager-uploads/",


Once finishing configurations, you can access the file manager by using the following route:


If you want to use file picker then all you have to do is include then follow the following guidelines:

  1. Add style in the header of your base template:
    <link href="/filemanager-assets/picker.css" rel="stylesheet" />
  2. Add script before the </body> tag of your base template:
    <script src="/filemanager-assets/picker.js"></script>
  3. Finally, in your form you can use selector in your form in the following way:
    <div class="file-picker">
      <input type="hidden" name="j-sukai" />
    or, if you want file-preview:
    <div class="file-picker has-preview">
      <input type="hidden" name="j-sukai" />

The design of the file-picker is very basic so you might want to customize with your own design by modifying the stylesheet which resides in storage/vendor/filemanager directory.