Yubaraj Shrestha

Python Engineer

Hi, I am Yubaraj Shrestha, creator of PyPackage. I am working as a Senior Python Engineer at Turing. I love contributing in open source projects. And right now Masonite Framework is one of the interested projects I am contributing on.

Talking about this platform, PyPackage is an open-source platform which creates lots of great open source projects. Right now most projects are created in Python. If you are someone who loves to contribute to python community then let's work together to create better softwares for the community.

Talking about the framework, Masonite is a Python framework. It is very easy to use and easy to learn. And it is shipped with a lot of great features. Because of its easy learning curve and features, it will be a great framework for Python developers. There are lots of improvements going on and soon it will be a full-fledged framework. There are lots of projects being created using Masonite. For more details about Masonite, please visit Masonite